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Crime has become so prevalent that we find ways to normalize it in our everyday lives. As your Assemblyman, I will bring change to the crisis that we currently face in the Northstate. Having crime rates that compare to the largest cities in our Country is no longer acceptable. I will fight for more funding, better legislation, and recognition that crime rates double the nation’s average are no longer acceptable.

As your Assemblyman, I will fight to ensure that our government ensures that we have developed Disaster Management programs and policy. We will be more prepared and proactive during fire season, we will have better water storage in times of drought and we will ensure that our forests are properly managed. California must and will be ready for any crisis it faces.

As your Assemblyman, I promise to fight for small business owners; work towards repairing damaged roads and bridges, push educational development, and protect homeowners by defending Prop 13 and promoting bills that would push for better housing development opportunities.

“California’s sanctuary state laws destroy the security of cities throughout all of California and end up helping no one. ”

– Lane Rickard

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